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Below is a letter we are sending out to therapists about how the current mandatory reporting laws have affected their practice and/or therapeutic trust.

Dear ———-

Developing rapport with adolescents is often challenging and requires patience and skill. As you are probably aware, revelations of a minor’s consensual oral or anal sexual relations trigger an automatic mandatory reporting responsibility if divulged in a therapeutic setting. This mandatory reporting responsibility has the potential of damaging the trust between minors and therapists and harming the therapeutic relationship.

An assembly member is considering carrying proposed legislation to alter this law. The deadline for bill submission is Friday Feb. 19.

You can help change this law.

What is needed is a 1 or 2 paragraph description from practicing therapists as to how the current state of the law has caused a disruption in the therapeutic process such as a client dropping out of therapy or a lessening of the therapeutic bond because of the fear of reporting. Additionally, if you have made such a report, what has been your experience with the agency to which you made the report?

Please send succinct descriptions to our office no later than Tuesday at noon.

Regards, Gerry Grossman, MFT

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